How To Choose An Online Slot Based On Your Expectations

Many slot machine enthusiasts make a very serious mistake even before they start playing: they choose to play the first slot that randomly happens to them! This happens because many players don’t know how to choose an online slot machine and start playing without making some quick and small evaluations. This is a major mistake that will almost certainly end up negatively affecting the result of the game.

Before you start playing, selecting a slot that suits your needs is an essential operation that must be evaluated based on some fundamental factors: your preferences, your playing style, your expectations and your bankroll.The analysis of these elements will allow the player to select the slot machine where to play that best suits their needs.

A premise is a must: always, only and exclusively choose legal games and authorized slot machines!

Below are the main elements to evaluate to understand how to choose the online slot machine suitable for different types of players.

Slot machines for inexperienced players
The slot machines suitable for novice players are the 3 reel ones.

This is, of course, the simplest slot variant: just spin the reels and try to line up 2 or 3 winning symbols.

Usually 3 reel slots do not allow you to make very big wins, however, with these machines the chances of hitting winning combinations are very high even without applying slot machine tricks.

Considering that these slots consist of only 3 reels, the advantage offered by these slots goes beyond their simplicity in that they are more likely to hit winning combinations.They are therefore particularly suitable for less experienced players especially if they offer free slot machine bonuses.

Slot machines for medium experienced players
The 5 reel slots are identical to the three reels but have two more reels. A greater number of reels allows you to make winning combinations whose value is significantly higher.

Keep in mind that the 5 reels allow for higher payouts, but the odds of hitting winning combinations are lower, so you need to have a substantial bankroll if you choose to play these slots. These slots are particularly suitable for those players who are bored with the 3 reels.

Slots for players who love multi-winnings
Players who are constantly looking for winnings should opt for Multiline (or Multiple Payline) slots. These slots have the same structure as the five reels but with a different number of paylines. In other words, it is possible to create a winning combination not only by lining up the symbols along a single line, but you can choose by considering the different pay lines provided by the slot. Before betting on this type of slot, therefore, it is essential to choose the paylines on which to bet. Don’t forget to check out more online slots to play more.

Slot machines for players looking for very big winnings
For players aiming for high-value winnings, the most suitable slot machines are those with the Multiplier and the Bonus Multiplier. Multiplier games, in fact, have the characteristic of multiplying the bets made based on the alignment of the symbols on the reels. For example: you bet $20 and you get 3 Cherry symbols. The expected payout is $20 for one token, $ 40 for two tokens and $60 for three tokens wagered.

What makes the Bonus Multiplier different from the Ordinary Multiplier is the offer of a bonus round: if you win this bonus round, the winnings obtained double or triple, reaching very rich sums.

Slots suitable for risk-loving players
In these slots, in fact, even if the winning combination is made, the winnings are not brought home if the maximum bet value has not been wagered. It is a type of slot suitable for experienced players, with high bankrolls, ready to lose everything to try to achieve high winnings.

Slot machines for players aiming for the Jackpot
For those who want to try to win a Millionaire Jackpot, the slot machines to choose are those with Jackpot prizes. The richest Jackpots are Progressives, offered by numerous slot machines in a network, linked together, which collect a percentage of the bets made by each player. If you want to know more about the Jackpots, you need to know the Best Korean Online Casino Bonus 2022.

3D Slots: For those looking for a different gaming experience
Three-dimensional, or 3D, slot games represent the next generation of online slot machines. The gaming experience is even more engaging and generates a lot of emotion, thanks to an innovative layout and dynamic animation.

What type of slot player are you?

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