Cash Wizard World Slot Video CAN YOU FORCE A JACKPOT

FIRST SPIN BONUS on the Cash Wizard World slot machine by Scientific Games!

Cash Wizard World is a really entertaining game where you win by landing winning paylines although the fun is at its best during one of the special features including 3 primary bonuses and the “Everybody Wins Community Bonus” where randomly every 3-9 minutes, this bonus will be awarded to all eligible players. The way it works is that each participant’s prize multiplier starts at 0 and each wager increases the prize multiplier by the amount wagered divided by 50. When the Everybody Wins Community Bonus is triggered between 1 and 50 credits is then multiplied by the prize multiplier accumulated by each eligible participant! To be eligible, you need to have credits in the gaming machine and your prize multiplier must be greater than 0.

So let’s think about this for a minute: if you play $8 max bets for 150 spins and then receive the maximum multiplier, you will in fact win $1200 for a Jackpot! How about the number of spins for an internal multiplier of 40 or better? You will need to play at least 188 spins! Unfortunately it’s not known to me exactly how your particular prize multiplier is chosen, although it’s an interesting way to play if you want a shot every 3 to 9 minutes to try and “force” a Jackpot!

All bonuses in Cash Wizard World are triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 with your bonus type determined by the specific bonus symbol that landed on reel 4 for either the Jackpot Wheel Bonus, Wizard School Free Games or Dragon Cave Free Games:

In the Dragon Cave Free Games you are awarded 5 free games and your reel set will expand to 8 rows although before each spin, a certain number of reel positions will be replaced by wilds:

Spin 1: 3 positions will be replaced wild.

Spin 2: Between 4 and 5 positions will be replaced wild.

Spin 3: Between 5 and 8 positions will be replaced wild.

Spin 4: Between 8 and 10 positions will be replaced wild.

Spin 5: Between 10 and 20 positions will be replaced wild.

In the Wizard School Free Games you are awarded 5 free games and for each free game, an additional row is added to the reel set. Before each reel spin initiates, a number of positions on the reels will be replaced with the same symbol although on your last spin, it will always be replaced with the Wild symbol!

In the Jackpot Wheel Bonus you are awarded one spin of the Jackpot Wheel for Credit Prizes or a Progressive Award. Additionally, a multiplier of 2x to 5x may be applied to your Credit Prize once won! Bigger bets increase your Credit Prize options and your chances to win Progressives and be awarded multipliers!

All in all, a really fun game where we see it all, Enjoy!