Top Online Casino Games Philippines In 2022

Best Casinos with Top Filipino Games
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Players in the Philippines play casino games either for fun or to make a little money on the side. One of the recommendations by the organization overseeing gambling in PH is to avoid gambling as a major source of income since it may lead to addiction. That doesn’t mean players cannot engage in a little risky fun, especially after playing casino games download variations to perfect their skills.

Here’s a case for each of these variations of gaming:


* All the fun and none of the risks
* Access to all features of premium options without paying a dime
* Get enough practice before spending your money paying games in casino
* You get to download casino games without giving any personal details


* You are not rewarded for your effort even after perfecting your skills
* You only play for fun without anything to show for it
* You cannot participate in jackpots like with online games win

For Real Money

* The potential financial gain
* You cannot play for free at offline casinos
* To compete with fellow players
* Bonuses and VIP perks that come with online gambling games for real money
* Players get to prove their skills and be rewarded for their practice


* You risk losing your entire bankroll if unlucky
* You risk addiction if you make it your sole source of income

Download Casino Games
Developers have been developing software that allows players to download their products that they can play offline. As would be expected, they do take up some space on your mobile device or PC, but it is usually not too much. With these casino free products, you get to change into the one you are in the mood for any time since the variety is as broad as when playing online. You have table cards, slots, and most specialty options as well when playing for free.

Advantages of download casino games Philippines:

* You get to play free casino games any time, even when offline
* They have all the features of paid products
* They are developed in HTML5 for mobile compatibility
* All online products are available for free download
* They are compressed to take as little space as possible on your mobile device
* They are high-quality

No Download Casino Games
If you would rather not download anything that may fill up your personal space, then you may prefer instant-play options. Every game developed for online play is available on instant-play, and it is here where you get to play for real money. These games are mobile-compatible, too, so that players access them, whether on the move or at home. The catch is internet connectivity, but that should not be an issue for players in the Philippines.

Advantages of instant-play

* They do not take up any space on your device
* You have access to products for real money and for free
* You get the latest variety straight from developers
* They are of the highest quality depending on the developer

Types of Casino Games
There are several casino online games that have so far been developed by the various organizations in the industry. Table games have been around for the longest time, and nothing much has changed except for mobile compatibility. Many developers focus so much on slots since they are the most favored by players, whether for free or real money. They are themed uniquely to keep players engaged, and they will almost always form the bulk of a casino’s game portfolio. Cards are an oldie goldie that most players play for nostalgia, while dices are mainly played for their simplicity. Most of these are games of chance that anyone can grasp and start playing to win real money with only a few hours of practice. First things first; before playing casino games online, check their detailed reviews on our page.

Casino Slots
There are free slots that anyone can access without wagering. They possess the same graphic quality as their paid counterparts and are just as varied in themes, but players can only enjoy them for fun. They are great for practice. Vegas slots take the shape and look of the land-based ones that players enjoyed in the city of gamblers, albeit with slight changes to embrace the modern-day look expected by gamers. Players can still access these casino games free or place wagers for as little as a penny. They are not as varied in themes as non-Vegas slots, but they are enjoyable.

Real money slots are a reserve of players who aren’t afraid to put in a little money on the stake. They are of high-quality with exciting graphics, and these games win real money if you are lucky. They have varying numbers of paylines, so players can choose how much they choose to wager. They come in 3 to five reels with unique perks depending on the developer.

Progressive slots are the mother of all slots since they carry the potential for huge wins. Every time a player – any player – places a bet under this, it counts towards the eventual price that goes to the person with the winning combination. Progressive jackpots are unpredictable and have the potential to grow to large sums of money.

Casino Cards
Some of the best–known cards include poker, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, and Texas Hold ‘em among others. Unlike slots and dice games, most of these require some strategy to win, which includes counting cards. Players who play casino games for both fun and challenge will mostly look to table card games for the thrill, and luckily for them, they can play these live even from home.

Video poker requires players to make the most of the five cards they are dealt – face up – to create the best five-card poker hand they can. Players get good returns when their five cards show as best, but this takes some good practice. A classic online poker game is just as exciting. You get two private cards and have your choice of five community cards that may eventually land you the perfect hand.

Blackjack hasn’t changed since it was first played. A player’s aim is to get to 21 – Ace – or as close to it possible, and so one would want to apply the best strategies to get to this number. It is one of the games of skill offered by the casino that seasoned players enjoy when looking for a challenge.

Сasino Dices
Dice games use a 6-sided cube dice that dates back 2600 years in China when it was strictly used for fortune-telling. These days, it is used in PH online casinos and everywhere else for entertainment. Dices are loved because they are pretty easy to learn. They also allow players to place small bets to open the avenue to all sorts of gamblers.

The Craps table is where you want to sit when all you want is fun and comradely company. While it is purely a game of chance, it helps to know a few tricks. There are two main lines; “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” line. The pass line bets are all on the shooter to win. The pass line bet wins if the shooter rolls 7 or 11 and loses if the outcome is 2, 3, or 12. There is not much a player can do to make their chances better, but knowing the odds helps. Anyone can play craps, which is why it is one of the most popular games to win almost anywhere in the world.

Hazard, Chuck-A-Luck, Klondike, Banka Francesca, and Sic Bo are other dice games for free that players can try their luck in since they do not really have strategies. A little free practice will make anyone good enough to play against others for real money.

Casino Table Games
Forget new casino games for a second and take it all back to traditional table games that allow players to show off their card-counting game. Table games are the only ones that require strategy and skills, which is why players in the Philippines and other parts of the world find them positively challenging. The best-known are Baccarat, Craps, Three-Card Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack, and anyone can play these games free online for practice.

Most of these table games have different versions, each with its own house edge, but what they have in common is a better advantage to a player as compared to other casino products. That is attributed to the fact that they are games of skill and not so much of chance. Table options are not necessarily meant for the most seasoned players, but it helps to read and practice strategies actively at a free online casino before you can bet for money.

Casino House Edge
House edge is the advantage that a casino has over a player. It is mathematically formulated so that each game has its static house edge. Some games are better than others, and in most cases, these will be table games that rely on skills more than luck. Casinos have a house edge since it is the way they make money. Players cannot determine what it will be, and so they have to make do with what the house has set. The casinos’ strategy is to gain a fair advantage in the long run and balance this by giving players a reasonable return that keeps them motivated enough to keep gambling games online.

Evert game has its house edge pasted on a casino’s terms and conditions. You want to look for one with an advantage below 5% since anything beyond would lead to the loss of your entire bankroll in no time. Slots have a 2.8% edge, usually while Keno is at 25%. This means the chances of winning with Keno are extremely low.

Others are as follows:

* Caribbean Stud Poker – 3-5%
* Roulette – between 2.7% and 5.4%
* Pai Gow Poker – 1.5%
* Craps – ≥ 1.4%
* Baccarat– 1-3%
* Poker – Fixed Fee
* Blackjack – ≥ 0.5%
* Video Poker Jacks or Better – 0.46%

List of Casino Games
These are the main casino games played in the Philippines and other parts of the world. They are a mix of games of chance and skills.

* Slots
* Roulette
* Blackjack
* Baccarat
* Video Poker
* Pai Gow
* Sic Bo

We expound on each of these online games Philippines below.

Since they are the most popular game, slots are developed in many variations to appeal to lots of players. Their themes are the largest of all casino games developed, which then means there is something for everyone. Even better is that you can play lots of these free games online. Unlike their land-based counterparts, online slots are not limited in the number of reels or paylines. This means players wanting to place the lowest bets – pennies – have the same chance as those betting 50 dollars at a go. Most developers put their best in slots, adding multipliers, bonus games, and other features to make them more exciting. It makes sense why they are the games no download of choice for most players.

A wheel and numbered board are two things you will find on a roulette table. The wheel and its numbering will depend on variation. The American roulette variation has two zeros on the wheel, colored green, while its European counterpart has one zero. This seemingly slight variation causes a few differences, one of them being the house edge. The game isn’t rocket science since it involves placing a bet, choosing a combination, and hoping for the best when the chips fly. Roulette is challenging and fun to play any time, which makes it one of the best casino games, especially for seasoned players.

You can play blackjack for free when starting out since that is the best way to build experience, but when you start playing for money, you realize why it is seasoned players prefer it – the bets are usually between 10 and 50USD or above. The minimum set on this game limits the number of players getting in it for fun, but it also means the returns are great. Some terms used for this game include Surrender, Split, Double, and Hit or Stand that are applied depending on the cards a player has. The odds are good, and it requires a strategy to play, so blackjack is undoubtedly a good game for the seasoned hand.

The rules to baccarat are few and simple; get as close as you can to nine without going burst. A table has numbers 1-15, which, when you skip the unlucky 13, remain 14. Players get to bet on either the player or banker, and when placing their bets, players get to choose one of three boxes set out. It starts with the dealer giving each player two face-up cards and the same to the banker. Face cards will cost zero while the other concealed ones will be their face value or 10s. If, say, your cards are 5 and 7, their combined value is 12, which will be subtracted by 10 to give you two. When playing, you want to remember the goal – get to nine points or as close as possible.

Video Poker
The original name for this game is Poker Slots, showing it is a combination of poker and slots. While reels and paylines are a major part of slots, this game features a poker hand, and you will need to apply some skills to know which cards to keep. A player is dealt 5 cards that they will then decide to keep or discard at will. For every card you discard, you get a replacement. The card combination is often based on the cards you were dealt as well as those you kept. This game isn’t all that hard to play, making it ideal for beginners as well as seasoned players.

Pai Gow
If the 7-card stud and Chinese dominoe had a baby, it would be Pai Gow. The game’s rules are an amalgamation of those two, and so it is not the hardest of all casino gambling games to play. Before the dealer deals the cards, players are required to place their bets in what is called an ante. The dealer then rolls the dice to decide how to deal cards, and right after the game starts. While it might not be on the list of top Filipino online games, Pai Gow gets people all exciting and eager to play for some money since the rules are pretty basic.

Sic Bo
This dice-based option has been around for many years and is loved for its simplicity. The rules are simple, and when the dice is rolled, players get their results depending on their chosen combination. It appears on any casino games list as a game of chance that only needs a few strategies to fully understand. When translated, the word means “precious dice,” and these are some of the variations to it; Chuck-a-Luck and Grand Hazard.

Casino Software Providers
Developers who provide money online games are the same who have free gambling games ranging from slots to tables. Most of these have been fashioned from land-based options with advanced settings to make the mobile and PC accessible.

Some of the biggest names – and the ones we will discuss below – include:

* NetEnt
* Microgaming
* Playtech

Note casino games software providers are not limited to the above names.

Founded in Sweden in 1996, NetEnt started out as the sole Scandinavian software developer that would later expand to other parts of Europe and the US. It currently has seven offices in different parts of the world and is one of the world’s leading casino product developers. If you check the most prominent products in casino gaming, they are developed by NetEnt. Also, If you looking for live blackjack casino sites and live roulette casinos, this provider is definitely for you.

With over 800 casino products, it is fair to call Microgaming one of the biggest developers in the world. Jurassic World, Temples and Tombs, and Game of Thrones are some of its biggest titles that players follow and enjoy since they are available as paid products and online free games as well.

Since its launch in 1999, Playtech has made it a habit to release new products to keep the portfolio fresh. Best known for Bingo and other casino games, this developer has moved fast to ensure its titles are mobile-compatible, a move that keeps it comfortably at the top 3. Some of Playtech’s popular titles are The Mummy, Ghost Rider, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Gladiator.

⛔ Blacklisted Casinos
* ❌️Enormous wagering requirements
* ❌️Not many payment methods
* ❌️No live chat and support

* ❌️Pirated copies
* ❌️Long payments
* ❌️No mobile version

* ❌️Poor customer support
* ❌️Very slow withdrawals
* ❌️No rewards and very few bonuses

* How do casino games work? To play games online free or casino games win, players have to place bets either through the PC or mobile phone. Free games require no wager while paid games do.

* What casino games have the best odds? Table games have the best odds. That includes Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. Slots have a decent house edge.

* Where can I find the biggest jackpots? Casino jackpots that have historically paid the largest amounts are progressive jackpots. Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Hall of Gods, and Mega Fortune hold the forte and are all available online.

* Which games are best for beginners? Beginners are best suited by games free play online, and slots have a huge variety. Blackjack and roulette are ideal too and available for free play.