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Browse the collection below for Sony PS2 Games from Retro Sales, and relive some of the best titles from this incredibly popular gaming console that still offers hours of fun for any gamer.

Long considered a major feather in Sony’s cap and history as a leading gaming trailblazer, the PlayStation 2 and popular PS2 games in Australia and worldwide remain highly sought after.

If you’re looking to buy PS2 games in Australia, you won’t find a better collection of retro games than in our online store. All of our pre-used games are quality tested and guaranteed to work, so you can skip the disappointments of buying questionable PS2 games online that might be damaged or unplayable and jump straight into the nostalgic fun of revisiting your favourite titles.

The PlayStation PS2
Since the invention of the gaming console, no other product has surpassed the PlayStation 2 in terms of popularity.

More than 155 million PlayStation 2 units were sold throughout its lifecycle. Moreover, Sony maintained its market domination despite Microsoft entering the market with the launch of the more powerful Xbox.

The PS2 transformed gaming for a new generation and spread awareness of the latest DVD format, as exemplified in PS2 games for sale.

When the PS2 was first released, it was the cheapest DVD player on the market. In addition to being a next-generation gaming console, it also allowed you to watch movies on your CRTV in sharp 480p complemented with 3 to 5 channel Dolby sound.

Discover our range of PS2 games online
The Sony Playstation 2 is still regarded as one of the best video game systems ever made. It has amassed an enormous library of games over the years, outselling every other console to date.

Popular PS2 games online include the following:

* Shadow of the Colossus
* Final Fantasy X
* Okami
* Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
* Kingdom Hearts 2
* Burnout 3: Takedown
* God of War
* Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3
* Persona 4
* Black
* Devil May Cry
* Soulcalibur II
* Tony Hawk Underground
* And more!

There are hundreds more in this category, so if you’re looking to buy PS2 games, get ready to make tough calls, as there’ll be too many excellent ones to choose from.

For example, Kingdom Hearts 2 is a PS2 game you absolutely shouldn’t miss. This follow-up to the original action role-playing game features a variety of well-known movie and video game characters. Here, you can help Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy search for their missing monarch Mickey Mouse. Controlling the original character Sora for the majority of the game, you’ll also encounter characters from the Final Fantasy series of games and Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean in this epic.

If you love the work of Hideo Kojima, you can’t miss picking up Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid 3 for the Playstation 2. As acclaimed critically as they are engaging and fun to play, they’re a must-have for anyone looking to increase their PS2 games collection. And if fast-paced, stylised combat is your cup of tea, the boss fights and horror aesthetics of Devil May Cry make it an instant must-buy PS2 game.

Accessories for the PlayStation PS2
The extreme popularity of the Sony PS2 means you can buy several great accessories to complete your PS2 gaming collection, aside from PS2 games in Australia. These include:

* Wireless PS2 controller
* PS2 Multitap
* Guitar Hero 2 controller
* HORI Fighting Stick 2
* Singstar Microphone
* Pound HDMI Converter

No matter what piece you need to complete your setup, find it in our online store.

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