5 Fascinating Facts About Slot Games

5 fascinating facts about slot games

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Slots are the most popular form of gaming in the world, but there are some things you’re unlikely to know about them. You can play Slots at many venues, including the traditional land-based casino but also on online slots uk. This way of playing allows you to game anywhere you like, as long as you have internet connection.

So, if you’re intrigued to find out some fascinating facts about Slots make sure to keep on reading.

Japan > USA

This may surprise you, but there are more slot machines in Japan than there are in the whole of the United States! Despite Las Vegas being named as the ‘casino capital’, Japan have managed to one up them and proved they are the true slot lovers. Studies have shown there’s roughly one slot machine for every 27 people in Japan! Whereas in the US there’s a slot machine for every 350 Americans.

Money, money, money

Did you know that Slots are one of the most profitable game for casinos?

Each year casinos make the most revenue from Slots, turning over millions of pounds from these machines alone. Whilst you may think other games have more jackpot money at stake, Slots still manage to claim the top spot. In America, it is estimated that of the $6 billion made in revenue from casinos each year, nearly 4 billion were made on the slot machines! The average Slot revenue per machine stands at around $80,000 each year, and around $300 per day.

One of the reasons Slots are so popular, is because they are seen as a simple game to play (which is true) which then draws in new players, or those who don’t tend to gamble very often.

There is no strategy to Slots

For most casino games there are certain strategies, or ways which may increase your chances of a win. However, with Slots there is no gameplay which will give you a better chance of winning, it really is a game of chance!

There’s no such thing as a hot or cold machine, each have the same chance of winning as the machine is run by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which determines if you have won, or lost. So you can now put this myth to bed!

Fruit machines

The term ‘fruit machine’ is frequently used to describe slot machines. In the early days it was common to feature fruit symbols on the reels, such as cherries, oranges and lemons. Since then, the nickname has been used to refer to slot machines in general, especially in the UK and Europe.

When slot machine owners (in entertainment venues or shops) were questioned as to the legality of their machines, they replied that they had dispensed chewing gum instead. Fruit symbols represented the flavours of gum that players could win. What a story!

Online vs. Land-based Slots

The final fact is one that might shock the land-based Slot players, but did you know that online Slots are just as popular, of not more in demand, than in-person slot machines?

Online casinos have taken the world by storm and have proved to be very desired by players across the globe. Do you think you’d chose online over land-based gaming?

Hopefully this article has taught you something new about Slots, will you be spinning the reels anytime soon?

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